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You put a lot of time and effort into your decisions, and you should be rewarded for making them. If you are like us, then you’re tired and bored of that old charade of a loyalty program: You get a zillion points you can never understand or use, or a punch card that entitles you to a free small kind of coffee that you never order, if you order 15 lunches you were never going to order - only valid on tuesday - and you probably lose the card before you could ever use it. Does anyone value your opinion about those lunches they tried to make you buy, or the service that should come along with it? Who can know? It is not like anyone has asked. Well, we just fixed all that. Together, we all work towards the common goal of improvement: improvement of service, improvement of product, improvement of experience on every side. With Zu, your loyalty is appreciated. Your opinion matters. You matter!


Ways to earn ZU

There are so many easy ways

Social Media

Earn ZU by checking in on Facebook and by Tweeting on Twitter


Fill in our feedback form to provide your valuable comments and reviews.

Fly By Zu

Earn ZU just by passing by an affiliated business, yes it is as simple as that!


You can also earn ZU by filling our survey forms.


Find answers to frequently asked questions.

What is ZU?

The app that pays you back for being you. You get paid for living your life just like you were already doing, and however you will. Walking around the neighborhood, exploring your neighborhood and getting local. Instead of going in circles for nothing, now you can go around and get paid.

How can I make some ZUs?

With great ease. Often just walking by a participating locale is enough to bank a few. You also make zus for buying ANYTHING at a locale, also for simple things like answering a question or to from the locale, and depending on the locale, even sharing your thoughts with your friends.

Can I trade my ZU at one place for prizes at another?

ZU are, indeed, currency. As with all economics, who can know how the market will develop? But at this time, loyalty is king. You might as well try to use Japanese Yen at a pharmacy in Egypt.

What is ZU (pronounced "Zoo")?

This is the hard currency, just like dollars, except they are attached to a a single locale, as opposed the government, which, theoretically, is not a commercial enterprise.

How can I use my ZUs?

Just like your other hard earned dollars, take them to the store and tell the person taking the transaction you would like to pay in Zus.

What is Locale?

Any participating commercial establishment (i.e a restaurant,cafe etc.) where you can earn Zus.

Where can I use my ZU?

At the place where you earn them.

Can I trade my ZU for cash?

The IRS would be all over you.. so nope.

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